Mastering Anatomy: The Key to Effective Yoga Teaching

Yoga students join the classes for very different reasons, some are there to just cut the weight and look to achieve a certain body while there are others who want to better their practice, they are not beginners and have the basic knowledge of most of the yoga practices, these are the ones who are aspiring yogis who might be looking at yoga as a career, yoga teacher can become very effective when they first realize the reason why the student is there and secondly teach them accordingly, mastering anatomy of yoga is a teacher’s job and if you are hoping to become one you need to learn off someone like Marianne Wells, at Marianne Wells YTT you get the best programs which are designed to suit you.

Marianne Wells YTT
As a yoga teacher training program starts and you are about to learn the techniques, you need to be mindful of the fact that this is a results driven industry and you would have to be effective as a yoga teacher, and as a new yoga teacher you might be at the risk of losing patience but this is such an important virtue, if you are patient and consistent with your clients you will be able bring long term results and be more efficient than most.

When you are able to constantly learn and become better at practice and understand the philosophy of yoga you will have more options and solutions for the students, and when you are solution oriented and not rigid with whatever you’re offering in terms of programs you get the most amount of clients, this doesn’t mean that you try to become popular and make easier decisions, be rigid on the principles and philosophy of yoga apart from that you can look to become solution oriented.